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Exiting the Dark Place

Even great men and women of God have experienced deep depression. The prophet Elijah was no exception. Never the less there is a way out. listen to this entire message to discover how people God find their way in the dark place and what is required to find the way out.

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Shaking, Shifting and Sifting Part 2

God is shaking the world and the church because He is shifting us into our destiny

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Shaking, Shifting and Sifting

God has shaken the world and continues to shake it in different ways. For the believer, this shaking is for our good. It is bringing out the best in us and has revealed things about our self we did not know existed.

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Understanding Fatherhood from God’s Perspective- Rev. Joseph Evelyn

God has designed a way for father’s to be fathers and to lead their children. Hear God’s perspective in this message.

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In the Twinkling of an Eye

The return of Christ will be quick, probably faster than a second. It will be too late to prepare for, we all need to be ready…before it occurs.

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Discussion with Christian College Students

Take a glimpse into the lives of Christian college students. while the on-campus. What they feel, experience, and see among their peers.

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