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Its Prime Time Pt. 2

the injustice unrighteousness and corruption of the world is being seen and known to every one, but there is an answer and the church holds the key and answers to the worlds needs. The question is who willing and prepared to answer the call?

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It Is Prime Time

The world is watching the injustices that are unfolding.

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The Church and the Skeptic

The church has been under the attacks of skeptics from its inception, however, there is also a biblical formula for responding to these skeptics.

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It Takes Just One

In every area of life the power and influence of just one person or even and idea is often underestimated. “Just one” can make a world of a difference.

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Grasp the Moment

Every believer has a responsibility to care for the church. We must take advantage of every opportunity to do so. We need to prepare ourselves to do so, partner with others of like mind and press beyond every obstacle that would otherwise hinder us from doing so.

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Stability in the time of Trouble

We all experience trouble at some time or another, However, God is able to keep us in these times.

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