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Why We Pray!

Why Christians pray is a most frustrating matter for persons without faith. However, pray is fundamental to the Christians life of faith, spiritual balance and fellowship with God. The believer has been commanded to pray and for many good reasons…

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“God’s Unconditional, Unrestrained and Unmerited Love”

The love of God is simply beyond human comprehension.

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Living In a Danger Zone

In life we face many dangers of varying degrees. However, there is one ultimate danger that every human will eventually grapple with…facing God who is the final judge with unconfessed sin in their life. Every moment lived with known sin is a potential danger zone.

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The Battle is On Pt. 3

There is Battle on going for the soul of the believer and every Christian church. The attacks are really not coming from outside the body of Christ. They are spiritual, and are rising from inside the church itself.

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A Guaranteed Hope

Paul spoke from his personal experiences of persecuting the church and meeting Christ on the Damascus road, giving a guarantee that salvation and the hope of eternal life are authentic.

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